PTS 9/11 converter stall speed


Boost is good.
Jul 14, 2001
What is the official stall speed of a PTS 9/11 billet converter? I am really looking at this converter to match up with a PT-61 that a good combo? Thanks.
You can get it stalled anywhere you want. Best to call Bruce or Mark, or fill out their spec sheet on their website and they'll recommend what stall is needed. In my discussions with PTE, the PT61 sounds like it is about the same as a TE62 but with a better, more efficient compressor wheel, which means it should spool a little better, or at least make more power at the same boost level. It all depends on which turbine wheel you get. I wouod guess that 3200-3400 stall is about what you want.
Don, it can be stalled anywhere from 1500 to 6500 rpm. It's all built according to your set up and use. Let us know.