pts extreme convertors


Jan 3, 2002
I know I should just fill out the tech sheet and send it in, but I want to get some thoughts from the board first. Come hell or high water, I will be ordering a new convertor before the end of the month

I have been looking at getting a new convertor for awhile and was wondering which one I should get. The Xtreme 9-11, or the extreme D-5. With the 10% discount at PTS this month, I'd better get the lead out and make my decision.

Here are the plans for my GN:
Stock everything except B&M shift kit and trans cooler, I am keeping the stock turbo and what to run Between 20-22 psi max with alky in the near future. Right now I am looking at keeping the stock injectors, but that could change if it doesn't support my goals. This is my daily driver and will not see the track anytime in the forseeable future. Just stoplight to stoplight on occasion. I have read ALOT of info on the Xtreme 9-11, but not to much on the Xtreme D-5. Any thoughts or opinions will be GREATLY appreciated. From anyone and everyone. If you have a basically stock set up and runnong either convertor, let me know. Or if you have any thoughts, also let me know:) I am open to any and all ideas:)
No problem

Just call us Monday or wait till Mark calls you off the tech sheet and express your concerns at that time. No problem and you will get the info you request.

just looking for a convertor, not drama

I have read everything that has been posted on this convertor issue. I don't care who builds it and what they think, I base my selection on the results I have seen from fellow members on this board who have used the convertor.
I have only seen and heard very positive things about the convertors I am asking about. Maybe I wasn't clear enough in my first post, I have already decided which two convertors I am going to choose from, I just need to know which one matches my stated goals.

I am in the market for a quality torque convertor, not the torque convertor builders attitude.
i am running a pte-53 and a 2800 stall pts 9/11....awesome cannot go wrong with pts...