PTSXTreme 9X11 vs CKPeformance 9X11


Nov 4, 2003
Getting ready to purchase a 9X11 converter. What's the difference between PTSXTreme 9X11 non billet and CKPeformance 9X11 non billet beside price?

PTS is $650
CK's is $575
stick with ck performance you will always be guaranteed a winner. stay away from other inferior shops
the products are identical. a vendor offering different products to different distributors would be unethical.pricing is based on overhead and some are paying more rent,electric,salaries etc than others,therefore pricing may differ.some like fancy cars others are happy with the simple things in life.etcetera.we do have a profit margin we work with and we hope people will shop with us not just because of price but because they enjoy working with us and they trust our professional service and advice,.ione more thing,monopolies are just another way of squeezing an extra drop of blood out of people when they have no other choice.this is not what i consider good business.however ,this being said look what the phone and oil companies did when tyhe monopolies were broken up.instead of them helping drive the cost down for the same item 90 percent of them ran scams to cost us even more money.maybe we should just selling them?only when there is no longer a want for them.sincerely christos kokkonis @ckperformance
i just order one of the billet ones from bill for the same price as chris. if i had not got it from bill i would certainly got it from chris. they are the same converters!!! go with chris or bill and you will be happy :) thank goodness for guys like yourselves :D :D :D