Pulsating brakes

Kevin Turch

Senior Member
Mar 8, 2002
Anyone have a pulsating brake problem in theyre 98 GS. Only happens while stopping from a high speed 60-65. Is this normal on these cars or should i have it looked at?
You meam other than having warped rotors? Nothing should pulse in the brakes at any speed, unless I am not understanding your problem. I would check your rotors for runout and warpage.
Thanks, im sure theyre warped, only 50k on the car tho, do they warp with that low milage usually?

Mine are warped pretty good at 56k. Just gotta get time to get 'em turned.

I just replaced front pads and had the rotors turned because of the same problem you're having. No more problem @ 62k.
If you can pull your rotors, you can bring them over to TrackAuto to get them turned or buy new ones. (if you do this, do it in the morning when theres no line)

And you might as well replace your pads while your at it. :)
Two bolts and the whole carrier/caliper comes off. Then once it's off the whole rotor will slide right off, if not fall off with the caliper.