pumping problem

Ok thanks, It sounds like I need to send the chip to eric and have it changed because any time the meth starts spraying and all the way threw every gear it go,s to 10.0 to 10.5 afr and I could not get it any leaner . I was going to call if I couldn't figure it out. Its winter here and the car is put away right now. I was just trying to get a game plan together for spring when I take a look at it again or order a new controller if that could be the problem.


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Nothing wrong with 10.0-10.5 at high boost on pump gas and meth. My car runs 10.5, the faster TAI cars run that and even lower
Stoich on meth is 7:1 gas is 14.7:1 as you crank meth up you drop your target
My fastest customer runs 9.6:1 aft for what it’s worth