Pure Evil Ss Progress Pics


May 9, 2006
1987 Monte Carlo Ss
Motor Is 406
Ford 9" Rear
2" Drop
Tublar Suspension
All Black Interior


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motor made
605 tq @ 4400 rpm
570 hp @ 5800 rpm


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holy crap thats a lot of torque. i just finished up my 406 last week for my monte and it didnt make anything near that. though i do have a nitrous cam in the motor so it will be down a little on NA. hope to re dyno it today to find a few more ponies and some more torque down low. although we didnt start the pull till 5100 so it may very well have made 550+. we will see once it goes back to being flogged. but very nice and clean setup you have here.

btw mine made 600hp at about 5800 an 525tq @5100 right at the beginning of the pull. then 804hp @ 6100 and 700tq @ 6000 on a 150 shot.
ditto on that. i want a turbo LSx motor but had most all of the parts layin around for a few years now and thought it was time to get working. what compression does that thign have? are you looking to do a A2A, A2W, or any kind of injection?o
havent really decided cr around 10.5 to 10.8
i have to have it all togeather for a big show march 27th
not a lot left to but tons of little things
ill post new pics later this week all interior is in
motor is wired
front clip is going on this week
all glass is in
reason i asked is generally you make more hp then tq but on spray it can switch up with different head, cam, and compression combos. that and the fact the motor has a edelbrock nitrous plate on it in the pictures you posted. do you have the dyno sheets and know what, if any correction factor was set in? we just dyno'd my motor again tonight and seems our combos are alike in ways. it would be good to see where the difference in combos makes the power in different spots.

heres the motor pull from today, numbers are uncorrected


and the nitrous pull from last week, also uncorrected

Comp Cam 510 Lift
1.6 Rockers
Wisco Pistons
Victor Jr Heads 64 Cc
750 Mighty Demon Carb
29 Degrees Of Timing
Msd Ign
Edelbrock Performer Rpm
5.7 5 Rods Eagle
Plus A Few Little Extras
Plate Was On In The Pics But Not On The Dyno
I Post Copy Of Dyno Sheet When The Blizzard Is Over Up Here We Got 11" Snow And 30 Mph Wind Today
I Hade 507 Ft Lbs Of Tq At 3200
More Pics

Looky Looky


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Very nice build. Similar to my 88 except mine does not have that kind of power :eek: What kind of headers are those and where did you get them?