Push rod length


Money pit
Mar 28, 2007
I thought I checked my pushrod length when I built my motor, but not sure if I did it, right . I have been driving my car for a while, and nothing has broken. Would it be too late now to check the pushrod length again or cents, nothing has broken. Should I leave it alone?
With shaft mount rockers arms, pushrod length only affects lifter preload, not geometry. If the lifters are quiet, you have enough preload to run. Anything between .030 and .080 will work. More preload gives more power due to less possible lifter bleed down.
Serious cams, boost and RPMs can run at .060 (or less!) up from fully collapsed and be fine, as long as valvestem heights and deck heights are very close, and you have good spring pressure, as defined by cam size.
If it's not a max effort deal, anything from .030 to .080 is considered fine.
If you have a stock block car and heads using a flat tappet cam, your pushrods should be 8.675 in length.

If you used a roller cam, you had to measure it for a custom length.

If its working fine you are probably good.