Quad Cities? (anybody)


The White Blur
Jan 31, 2002
(Rock Island,Moline,Davenport,bettendorf.)I was wondering how many turbo buick powered cars live by me. I dont see very many and basicly want to participate in any events. I am very new to these cars and i am learning alot! It seems to me , knowing other people with these cars helps greatly. thanks for letting me know!!

In Silvis

Yes there are a few turbo Buicks in town.
I have a white 86 Ttype that I drive around town. Maybe you've seen me. I know a guy that has 3 over in Davenport. He lurks around here. Then there are a couple other stragglers driving around that I don't know who they are.
Yep... there are a few of us around. I have three and live in Davenport, as Tim said... know a guy in Bett. (DKREDT) who has a maroon T, a guy in Clinton who has a maroon T, a buddy in Kewanee who has a couple, a guy in R.I. (pothacary) with a GN and a GS, and a couple of others that I've talked to on here, but not yet met. Not a lot, but... better than none!

Been threatening to start the QC Turbo Regal Club, but was afraid it would just lead to drag racing and beer drinking afterwards... aw, shucks! ;) (TTAs are always welcome, BTW!)

timothydog?! As in the white T-Type that I had occasion to tinker with some years ago? I thought you fell off the planet! What's up?!
I grew up in silvis. on 10th st. by bowlsburg school. I live in coal valley now. I did see a white t-type turning on 23rd ave about a week ago or so , was that you Tim? I think i was in my TTA at the time but not for sure.Any-who,maybe we can all get together and have some fun sometime.(Cordova)


Definitely, Bo! We did that here a while back and it was great to have several Turbo cars there! Stay in touch! You may want to email Chad (rad87gn@yahoo.com) and get put on the Midwest Racing List. Several of us from IA, NE, and IL on there. Kind of a nice way to stay in touch.

Jay... It's been so long man! ow have you been?
I know, I'm an ass for not keeping in touch but I've been AWOL from the Buick community for a while. 'Tis the season to start working on my baby again. I'll have her paid off in a couple months and I can start dumping more money into it.

Bo, I'm almost positive that was me. I haven't seen another White T-Type in the Cities.. I'm on 12th Avenue in Silvis now. Just down the street from Mother Hubbards. Sometimes you can see my car out in my driveway.
I will stay in touch with u guys and maybe this summer we can tear em up at the digs!( I used to race an 11 sec 84 Z28) so i am no stranger to the race sceen! However, these cars are different.

p.s. e-mail me if you guys need anything.