Question about alkycontrol....


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Apr 9, 2005
I don't have my Grand National yet but I should within a week or two. It depends on how long it takes a car to ship and get registered and all that stuff. Anyway, one of the first things I want to do along with gauges and a scan tool is buy razors alky kit. I have two questions about it...My first question is what type of alcohol and where do you buy it from? My second question is do you have to run it all the time once you install it on the car? When I'm not at the track or I'm just cruising around I don't really need the extra power. Can it be activated kind of like Nitrous with a switch to arm it and disarm it? I guess I have one more question that isn't related to this....Obviously you tune more aggressively with the alcohol than just standard pump gas so I was wondering, do they make flip chips where I can go from my pump gas tune to my alcohol tune with the same chip?
the kit can stay on active all the time and should be left on . when its on actually its not spraying, its just in waiting . it doesnt spray untill you need it and comes in automatically above 5-6 psi of boost , if you dont boost you dont use it.
for daily driving theres no need to reach the 5-6 psi of boost that the alky comes in at , and when it does its not a lot unless you go to higher boost levels and than it flows more (progressive)

youll have 91-93 in the tank and the alky allows you to run higher boost ,once you tune your car (mechanically up the boost at the turbo and custom chip) in for high boost you wont be able to go wot if your alky is off and the chip will have less fuel than a std chip so if you turn it off and your set for high boost you're going to get some KR (knock retard)

read razors sticky on how to tune with alky and be sure nbefore you turn up the wick that the car is prepared for the increase in power (basic fuel mods and spring cleaning ) and also make sure the transmission is in good shape and ready as well

you can run denatured alcohol available at most any paint or hardware store for around $11 a gallon , (cheaper by the 5 gallon can ), or if your lucky youll have methanol available nearby since its a whole lot cheaper at around 2.50 a gal (cheaper by the 55 gallon drum)