Question about factory boost gauge and aftermarket one


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Apr 30, 2005
I am thinking of putting in a A pillar pod ( made by Lotek) and two guages, one being a boost guage. Is it possible to leave the factory dash one working or does it have to get disconnected for the aftermarket one to work ?
The factory one should always stay working because it runs off the reading from the MAP sensor. For my aftermarket one I put a T in between the hose coming off the MAP to the metal tube that runs along the plenum and connects to the vacuum block. That way I could keep it somewhat hidden. Do a search and there's several people who have posted how to install an aftermarket gauge and some posted some pictures too I believe.
Ok, I have decided to get a two pod from Lotek

Other questions.
I want a Boost/Vaccum guage combination and a water temp for the second part of the pod

Where can I get a boost/vaccum gauge and is a boost/vaccum gauge electrical or mechanical ? Does anyone have a part number ?

Many thanks
I ran electric gauges. I have one with a boost recall so you can see your max boost over a run without keeping your eyes glued to the gauge. It's more expensive than the mechanical one but the recall feature has been great for tuning and it's easier to run the wire up to a pod than it is a hose. My second gage is fuel pressure which is great for tuning also. If you do any tuning at a track I would suggest something like this over a temp gauge.