question about push rods


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Jul 18, 2002
Just heard back from the machine shop, my push rods have rubbed into the cylinder head. To be precise 8 out of the 12 have done so. The question is has any one run in to this and if so what could have done this and how do I fix it. Thanks for any help that any one can give.
I guess if you had some weak enough valvesprings, at high RPM it could allow it to move enough to contact the head. Also I bent a couple when I lost lobe on a cam so if there was enough play to let it bend up then it may be able to contact the head where the pushrod comes through. Did he mention the condition of the cam or anything else?

They said the push rods were not bent; no broken springs and the springs are new so I would not think the springs are weak. The cam it self was also in good shape, no missing lobes or worn lobes. So I am truly at a loss here. Any idea to fix, I was thinking about having them do the old small block trick when putting on 1.6 rockers and after market heads and have them enlarge all of the holes.

But thanks, please keep the advise coming.
I've had pushrods touch the heads, but only in 2 or 3 spots, not 8. On my car the 2nd pushrod hole in from the edge, both front and back, touched or got very close to touching at full lift. Drivers side they touched in both locations, pass side I think it touched up front but not in back, although it was very close. I opened up those pushrod holes with a rat tail file.

Well, I went to the machine shop today to look at the push rods and they are most definitely robbing on the heads. We did some looking and found out that the early version of our heads use offset rockers and it appears that the heads that came on my car from the factory are the older version. So the machine shop ordered a set of offset rocks to see if it fixes the problem. We also looked at grinding the holes large but are afraid that we may get in to the intake ports and the water passages in the head. Lets hope this works. Thanks for the all of the advice.