question about stock turbo versions


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Jan 17, 2004
i am building a twin turbo setup for my 5.0 mustang ..just had a few questions about GN tubos before i buy some. hope you guys dont mind me on the buick site.. does any body see any advantage to using either "hot air" or intercooled versions for a homemade setup? what is the difference between the two? A/R size etc.? 84-86 was hot air and 87 was that correct?Thanks for any input Mike
86-87 were intercooled, 84-85 was hot air, and 79-83 were carb hot air.

I "think" the 86-87 turbo was bigger than the earlier models, but I could be wrong, I never asked.
The 84-5 turbos flow approx 390 cfm, and the 86-7 turbos flow approx 550cfm. As for advantages, 86-7's are more plentiful, and the compressor output port is easier to adapt, the port is connected to the intercooler with a hose and clamps so if you use this hose, you can connect to where ever needed. The 84-5's use an adaptor and o-ring to intake manifold, a bit more work to adapt to something else. Not sure if there is any spool up advantage between the two though.