question about turbolink

peterkin isn't rocket science
Oct 2, 2001
when i look at my runs on the street just tuning...i notice that the field for the

they don't TCC stays on all the time and my P/N...i've see the P/N turn off for a frame in the turbolink data but that's it....i took a GNX out for a guy with my laptop just to make sure it was running o.k. and his stuff lit up ON whenever the car shifted into 3rd and 4th, i don't remember seeing his TCC ON....could it be because the chip that i use locks the convertor up....i'm confused....also i have a fast update chip ( whatever that means ) and it seems like a million codes like....

Maf Sensor Low
IAC and/or idle speed error
EST monitor line failure
Exhaust Lean Condition
Fuel Pump Voltage Low

another time i got

MAT sensor voltage low
Vehicle Speed Sensor
Wastegate pulses absent
EGR diagnostic circuit
MAF sensor low
Cam sensor failure
Exhaust Lean Condition
Water Injection Failure

what's going on...the car doesn't run any different.....i don't understand...i am trying to tune this thing for the street but there are so many parameters you have to line up...but i'm not giving up...

also...ken mosher i emailed you about getting the password to update tlink to the newer version and i didn't get a response...not upset or anything just thought i would post it since you probably check this everyday....
The fast update chip is what's whacking out all those data points. To enable the fast update feature, some things had to be moved around inside the chip, primarilly the data that's sent to the ALDL port unfortunately.
yeah...i was told something like that AFTER i got the chip...but it's cool...a little nerve wrecking trying to figure out which codes are actually real problems...