Question for Razor (controller compared to Devil's own)


Dec 2, 2003
Stock settings= turn on approx. 4 lbs. and 11:30 on the other dial in the hard box.
This setting would turn on at 4 lbs. of boost and max out at 30 lbs. of boost with the 3 bar m.a.p. sensor.
My question is where would you set the blue gain knob to get this? i.e. 1/2 way, 3/4 way, etc. and if say it would take a 12 o'clock setting with the blue gain knob (control setting flat on top of center pod) what would just turned on (blue knob) or full tilt give you? ( full output by 24 psi )

Devil's own controller does not have an on/off switch or a purge button but the start setting comes on with 15% than ramps up to 100% at the full on set, i.e. say on at 4 lbs. and say 100% at 20 lbs. or 30 lbs. etc. This is what I got from reading their ad. I am trying to get some sort of standard.

How much alky does your motor need? The controller should deliver enough to support any HP level you can throw at it. If you feel there is a tuning issue beyond all that I have already shared in the sticky above.. then please pick up the phone and call me.

I'm not going to educate my competition on how to make a controller that works with a Buick. If you have a setup question.. call me.

Notice that I dont labels my controls a certain way.. that is becuase Snow, Devilsown, SMC, BeCooling, etc all went in that direction..

Those that buy Devilsown, please contact him for tech assist on how to tune his system on your vehicle. I cannot and will not interfere in that process.

Sorry. I cannot offer support to products sold by other vendors. Unless they are no longer in business, and this is a last ditch effort to get resolution. Example a BG customs W/I kit.

wbrophy My name is Chance and I am the new co-owner of devilsown You can email me directly at or can even call me 405-639-9887

I did not know about this board till about 5 mins ago till I was going thru our server logs. I was wondering why I gettins so many gn questions and orders the last few days. I have this site bookmarked now.
rocket468 said:
I have this site bookmarked now.

Great.. put up some install pixs if you wish.. Be nice on your wording..
Razor i try pretty hard not to step on toes. I would rather a user of our product post pics, if they like. I haven't payed so i shouldn't post.

I just noticed that it looked like he had a question about my product so i thought i would tell him how to get ahold of me. Like you all i am know is my product. I don't go out and buy others stuff to disect it. I have only seen yours in passing, while walking down the staging lanes at last buick vs ford in noble Ok.