Question for unboosted V6......

Freddie's Buick

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Jan 3, 2002
Originally posted by Freddie's Buick
O.K. so I'm gonna follow GB the unboosted's suggestion. The front cam's bearing is going to be re-drilled. Right oil galley's feed side 1/8" and the left galley's exit/discharge 3/32".

According to Jim Ruggles, this alone brings up the oil pressure by 15-lbs.

Hey GB...(or anyone else),

Can I get away with just doing this upgrade to the front bearing, or do I have to also drill out the 3-other cam bearings like Jim Ruggles wrote about? :confused:
I only did the front bearing and I get 30 psi with hot 5W-30 at idle...then again, mine won't idle below 1200rpm. GB
Yours only idles 300 RPMs more than mine at idle....At 30lbs @1200, that's good enough for me. :D

Thanks GB!