Questions about Powerlogger and WBo2


Back in business!!
May 17, 2011
About to twist off and buy some stuff. Powerlogger and WBo2 is on the list, but I have a few questions about them. Yes, I searched.

Typically, the WB02 connects to the Powerlogger, right? I've got AutoMeter gauges and their WBo2 (UltraLite to match my other gauges as close as I can) says it's 0-4v. I notice a lot of folks use AEM which is 0-5v. What is better for the data feed to PL - 0-4v or 0-5v??? I'd like to try to avoid mismatching gauges, but I'll do it if it's better for the setup. Which leads me to my next question....

Do you even need to use a WBo2 gauge / readout with PL? Would it be just plain crazy to install the WB02, but not mount a gauge? Just feeding the data into the PL for logging / recording? Is it really that useful to monitor AFR while driving?

See below for questions about what I'm running. My plan is to go to a TT WB chip and 120's eventually, but it's not necessary to do that when the WB is installed, right? The WB chip just adds or removes fuel based on the target AFR that is user-selected, right?

Just wanting to make sure I have this stuff straight.
If you want to datalog the a/f, you'll need to connect it to the PL.

You can use Autometer, but you'll need to reprogram the output to match a PLX. See your Autometer instructions, goto "BGD Range", set LO to 10.0 and HI to 18.0. Set Powerlogger to PLX.

A gauge is not necessary if connecting it to the PL, just personal preference there.

It's not necessary to change your chip when you add a wideband (unless you want the WB correction).

I have the AEM, but if you upgrade your scanmaster with the WB chip (comes with it) when you get the powerlogger you won't need to install the WB gauge. The scanmaster is able to display AFR with the new chip and being hooked to the powerlogger. You will of course have to install the WB O2 sensor.
My AFx has a display on the control box. I mountied it in a spot that I can see it but the numbers change pretty fast so it's not really something you can "monitor". Recording it with the Powerlogger is great.
Thanks for the input guys. I think i'll get wbo2 but not the gauge. After thinking on it i dont really see the need for the gauge if im logging it.
I find oil pressure, engine temp and knock on the Scanmaster are enough to check when going down the track.