Questions/Inquiries about GN's.


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Jan 31, 2006
A good friend of mine owns an 87 GN, it is a beautiful car, and I think I have fallen in love. Unfortunately, I am not very proficient with cars. I would love to learn, but I am not sure if a GN would be a good car to learn on. You guys seem pretty knowledgeable, so I wanted to get your opinion. The car would be a daily driver, and I have anywhere from 7500-10,000 to spend. Thanks!

I am looking to buy also and I have been learning for many months by reading and researching these cars and what it takes to keep them running (quick) daily. I expect you can get a good T-Type for your money range but you will probably have a hard time finding a 86-87 GN that is running well and will require minimum work to keep it that way. Personally I expect to spend more than 10K. The 85 and back, non-intercooled cars runs less though so that may be an option for you. If you are not used to or not good at working on cars then I highly suggest you search out a local Buick dealership or mechanic that knows these cars and has a good rep. Good luck.
Tell you what guys, My daily driver turbo regal sat for a few years without being driven or started under car covers and hasnt let me down yet. It was broken and it wasnt on the priority list. All i did was put it back together,change all the fluids and new 02 sensor plugs and wires, it was good as new.

Ive had it for 7 years, drag raced it almost getting it into the 10s, took it on long distance road trips averaged 25mpg,and now daily driven it for over a year...yet to break down for my 20 mile each way trip to work.
I wouldnt be sane without all that power on a daily basis. :)

If you do plan to own one, remember that they are almost 20 years old and parts do break. Alot of parts are available, but might take a day or 2 to get.
I would keep on hand for just in case, or know a buddy that has a turbo regal that you could borrow a part or two to repair your or his car...
I dont keep these parts in my car all the time, but do drive with my track box with simple hand tools for just in case emergencies.

02 sensor
spark plugs
plug wires
maf sensor
crank sensor
cam sensor
cam sensor tool
ecm with both chips
coil pack with module

If you guys do get a turbo regal, do some simple preventive maintenance to it once a month and enjoy the car while you work on it.