questions on exaust housing


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i am currently building a twin turbo small block for a tubbed gn, i have made my own headers for the combe with 1 9/16 in primarys, the engine should make 900-1200 hp, i purchased 2 te-60 turbos, when i got them i noticed .58 a/r ratio exaust housings, they were in bill andersons car, if anybody could give some insight as to any problems i might have, or what i should expect on the first runup would be greatly appreciated.
Grant J Farmer
Well, I'll bet you can spool those with a 2k stall converter...other than that, you may be effectively limited as to what boost you can run before you start getting astronomical backpressure. I think I would call John Craig or someone and buy some bigger A/R turbine housings, at least.
That has been a while, I cant even remember who bought them! They will spool VERY VERY fast with a V8, the problem is keeping the boost down below 25# or so because of tremendous back pressure, which can cause head gasket failures too, those turbos in that config. will want 30# of boost PLUS. The throttle response will be similar to a carbureted car. I would suggest you swap to .69 or .81 hsgs.
Bill Anderson
thanks for the replys guys, it is what i had expected, i don't think even twin waste reacegates can controll those two, i will have to get new howsings, any one in teh market for some .58 housings?
Grant J Farmer