R Heads, Billet crank, Pistons and more


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Oct 26, 2002
Champion R heads being checked at machine shop and will be delivered fresh and ready to go. $3200+s
Max porting.
Beryllium seats.
Titanium intake valves.
Inconel exhaust valves.
Stud kit for 109 block

T&D matched pair 1.70 rockers $700+s
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Billet cam #G3083-05 $700+s for 4 items
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Crower solid lifters
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Timing set, nose hardware.
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Pushrods 5/16/116 9100
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Billet crank, stoke stroke, standard (balance package)$3000
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CP Pistons
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Aluminum rods
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RJC head clamps $200+s
Need 1 push pin
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RJC Girdle, scraper,spacer, caps and stud kit. $450+s
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