Raced @ 1/8 mile track,very dissapointing results

The Darkside

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May 25, 2001
Look at my sig below for my combination and then please try and help me figure out what went wrong!!!
By the way,I was on some really worn out drag radials(18psi) tonight.
My 1st run #'s: boost was 23,fuel pressure 39 line off,alchy was set to come on at 15lbs,pump speed was at 1 o'clock position.Car popped a little at the top of 2nd gear,6o ft was sad 2.04 Results:8.47 @ 82mph:(
2nd run:everything the same except turned alchy up to 5 o'clock position,results:same with car bogging at the top of 2nd:mad:
I am really confused at to why I got these sad results with the combo I'm running.I mean that is only around a 13.1 in the 1/4.Heck,I ran 13.3 3 years ago on street tires and my only mods were a chip,k&n & walbro fuel pump!!!I wasn't able to use a scan tool tonight,but with all the setting the same as in my 1st run and using a scan tool a week or so ago while out just running around on the street,o2's were 850 coming down to 790 at the top of 3rd gear,so I thought they were fine,I would love some suggestions from you guys on where to start looking for the problem.I mean I must be missing something big,because I fully expcted to run 7's tonight.

The Darkside:confused:
I am not near as good as the rest of these guys--but i can offer you this much.I think you were right to expect 7's--if you look at my sig--we have similar set-ups(my turbonetics turbo is the equiv. of a te-44).I ran a couple of weeks ago and went 7.60's at 93mph in the 1/8th---that was with racegas and 26-28 lbs. of boost.It does seem that your 60/foot could be better though--good luck.

Geoff Hall
I have never run alcohol injection but it looks like a tuning issue.Run straight c16 with 26 degree timing chip with that boost level and see what it does. Your mph is way down,it should be in the low 90 mph area for your combo.Those nittos need a very well prepped track as well,I've have achieved 7 teens in the eight mile with them though.
One other thing,your fuel pressure is too low!You should be starting a 43-44 line off and tuning from there.
You need to get to know the texas chip/alcohol guru Jay Carter.

Your car should do 84 mph or so with 17 psi, a race chip and 2-3 gallons of race gas mixed with a tank of 93. So I would guess it choking on alcohol. Just a guess, however because I don't use the stuff.

If you want my advice...race gas and race chip. That 23 psi would be a 7.47@92 mph without breaking a sweat. -1,+10 and save the alcohol for the street.
1/8th disappointmentz

Darkside, Looks like some of the other input is valid. FP is too low,Alky is too late, the traction sucked. [either get some slicks or a fresh set of Nittos].
If you are going to use the alky, remember it's initially tuned using a RACE chip and race gas, Not a low timing street chip. If you had to turn the alky way up, then there's an octane problem. If tuned correctly, you should be in the 20 to 24psi range w/ a race chip in the ECM.
Try this.
Fresh O2 sensor,plugs,[AC CR43ts @ .035 tite]] fresh tires, air bags,race chip,116 in the tank, 22 psi boost. Once you have gotten this tuned to perfection, then go to GOOD 93 and turn the alky on and up to where the engine bogs when it comes on. Set the FP to 42, line off, alky on at 10# boost.[15 is too late, evidently] Continue to turn the alky volume down until knok shows, then back up just enough to remove the knok. [My tests show the system takes 2+ sec's to get to max flow. That, combined w/ the higher on point, can be part of your problem.]

In addition to the scan data, what is the fuel press @ WOT?? a 307 may not be keeping up and the result is you run out of fuel at hi RPM'S and then the knok retard is pulling out and the "bog" you are seeing comes on...W/ the way it's setup now, the alky is "getting to the party" too late.
What # nozzle do you have in the line for alky?? If it's an earlier kit, then you should put a #15 nozzle in,[yours may be a #10] turn the pot in the controller full rt, install a 30 amp fuse.

The alky kit WILL work!! I sell/ install them [SMC] and have seen DRAMATIC improvements in performance when they are right!!
Don't get discouraged... It'll work when the combo gets right!!
Thanks for all the replies!!!I'll go out today & make some adjustment to fuel pressure & alchy turn on point.As far as my chip goes,it is a 22degree 93 chip for alchy.Are you saying that I would be alot stronger running a 100 or even a 108 race chip with more timing? Even on the street w/93 ?
The plugs I'm running are Autolite 23'3 gapped @ .035.Do you think I would be better off using AC 43's or how about the NGK Ur-5's?
It's hard to not get discouraged when you invest your time & money in your car & it just doesn't run right,but thanks to you guys I keep my hope alive:)
Please keep your ideas coming!!!

The Darkside
What part of Texas are you in? I could give you some help if want or need it. I would me more than happy to help you. If your close to me. Im in Houston. Let me know.

What eigth mile track are you going to?

Chris,I would really appreciate any hands on help,but I live near the Dallas area.
I went out today & raised the fuel pressure to 42 line off & then lowered my turn on point for alchy to about 10,pump speed around 8 & lowered boost to around 21..The car felt pretty good,but I don't think I gained a whole lot if anything.My o2's were in the mid 800's throughout the run & I got 0 knock. Also good news was it didn't cut out or bog, so maybe I'm on the right track?
I think I'll check the plugs & see what they look like later & look behind the car for that boat it felt like I was pulling :) .
Anymore suggestions would be appreciated!!!

The Darkside
Im in the garland area (northeast dallas).. if you need some help i can try, or i can find you someone whod gladly help..

my hotair ran only 3mph slower than yours, and all it had was a 17* timing chip, a cold air kit i made, and open exhaust..

most of these guys are on the right track..

if i were you id make a run after doing this:
disable alky for now
run the highest boost you can on 93 octane
perfect your 60fts on street tires... what track was this at?
i can get 1.91's at every track ive been to... (redline.. cedar creek.. ennis)

lemme know if you need any help
Originally posted by TType84
Im in the garland area (northeast dallas).. if you need some help i can try, or i can find you someone whod gladly help..

If you want to,just e-mail me @ turbothunder6@yahoo.com and shoot me a # to reach you at.I'd appreciate any help.
I also just got off the phone with Jay Carter and he's going to help me out with this underachieving 6 banger!!!

The Darkside
if your gonna run on pump gas you really oughta experiment with xylene.70/30 mix w/ a couple of ounces of marvels mystery oil.
i personally run 70/30 mix 26#of boost 2*kr on the street.
If it makes you feel any better I ran an 8.7@85 with a 2.2 60 ft. I was running 25-26 psig. So do not feel so bad. ERIC.:D

Darkside... I'd go w/ the 108 chip. Get someone to loan you 1 and try it. Since Jay is offering to help, I'd use his and see what happens. 22* is not enuf in my opinion. I run 26*, but I am using a FAST system and can try alot of settings in a short time. Jay can, no doubt, come w/ something that'll work.
Given it's 1/8th mi., you are not going to see much improvement until you get the 60' times down. [No time to regain "lost time" in that short distance]. I re-read your first post. You don't say if the tires are spinning or it's just not leaving w/ enough boost to do the job.???
If you are leaving under some amt of boost, what is the O2's at launch?? [That's something you could do on the street w/ short "squirts"] And a friend to read the scan tool!!:D :D Fat on the leave HAS to be fixed first.

Headers cracked? Intake leaks? MAF good? boost staying at set point?
FWIW, The last set of 009/TE44 combo I installed liked 40psi, line off.
for now, no xylene, no special gas.

there is a POINT to this guys. if a car is not running what it should run, you CUT ALL VARIABLES. You make EVERYTHING as consistent as possible, that means.

straight pump gas
a reasonable amount of boost WITHOUT KNOCK
good, consistent launches (1.9x range)

before you can add ANYTHING like alcohol or xylene and a ton of boost, you MUST GET THE CAR RUNNING CORRECTLY. If a car runs like ****, its still going to run like **** with alcohol and xylene.

The first step is to cut out all of the crap. Get back to the basics and find out what is wrong.