racetronix hotwire harness


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im planning on upgrading my fuel system but just have a specific question on the wiring harness i went onto the racetronix website and i seen the hotwire fuel pump harness the runs from the alternator to the back $45 which i know i need to have wen upgrading but i also seen another in take / intermediate wiring harness for $30 is this also needed? do u guy have both of these harnesses?
doesnt hurt to have both. the intermediate wire is to replace the current one you have. When i just re-did my hotwire kit i didn't see that intermediate wire. When i go to replace my current pump again i will change it out. i would do it. the reason for the hotwire kit to to help with the voltage from old wiring etc. Thats the same idea with the intermediate wire. replacing old wiring with good wiring. if it was me, i would do both,
i remember seeing on their website 2 pictures of different plug options for the 3 wire connector i dont see that anymore do u know if they made one that fits either wire plug? or do u still have select wat 3 color wires u have
Way back when, they did have two models but now the one they offer says 84-87... Can't tell from the pic either, but they must have made it to cover both models...

Unless you make specific choice in the shopping cart or something?