Radiator Question


Aug 29, 2005
In trying to get rid of a ton of clutter (or cr&p as the wife calls it) I found a pretty near new radiator that is from a V8 powered Regal I scrapped. Any benefit to holding onto this and perhaps using it in a Turbo car? I am away from home right now and can't visually compare it to the one in my GN and the search didn't like the combination of "V8 radiator"...couldn't see any discussion either way...

Thanks in advance!
Probably won't fit, no tranny lines to it or if it does probably will have to reroute just don't see it workin for your car put it on ebay and get some money and less clutter.
I had the V8 Regal 3-row radiator in my 84T and they are the same width as the intercooled radiators. Better off selling and if you already didn't get one, buy the plastic/aluminum F-body radiator. Best radiator investment I've made so far. :D