Other than the Texas Motorplex no other 1/4 mile tracks in the area. Of course out of the four 1/8 mile tracks we had that has dwindled to only one now.
I usually run Ford vs Buick every year at Thunder Valley in Oklahoma and have been to the Buick Nats in Bowling Green and that's 1/4 mile. I like running the 1/8 mile.

And yeah spraying has been discussed I'm just not sure if the tranny is going to hold up?
Gotcha. I raced the heck out of my stock trans from no mods in the mid-14's to high 12's at 111mph on street tires and 333whp/400+wtq with a cam. Wound up snapping the input shaft racing a friend 2min after leaving a weekly club meet one night. It happens when it happens... Just have a spare to toss in.
It's a old build and I'm beating on it pretty hard. If it goes it goes. I think Dave said it was a Dynotech stage2 build I think? Either way I know I'm pushing its limits. LoL
So guys if I did go with a nitrous shot maybe a 50 or 75 shot does it need to be a wet or dry shot? I'll admit I don't have a lot of experience with it.