Radio Need major help


Jul 20, 2004
I am looking to buy a somewhat in dash stock appearing Cd player for my 87 GN. Now I know that this one works with ti, but the GM part number listed is 16149094. Now I tried typing this PN in the GM parts site and nothing omes up, just wondering if there is a different placer i could check for information it. The link is below for the ebay price. I am trying to find out what vehicels had this one in there so i can see if some local junk yards may have one. Please help me anybody, and your help is greatly appreciated.
Put in a 2000 up delco radio in sounds great and looks like it belongs there and less $'s than what your showin just go to a junk yard bought mine for 150 and got a 6 mo. warranty, do a search on this sight for pics if ya can't find i'll take a pic of mine, DO NOT HACK your harnees there is a 12 to 21 pin adapter for the radio got mine at circuit city they didn't carry but ordered for me do a search on the 12 to 21 for part #.