ramchargers fan upgrade parts required?

I know a few people have hooked this up so how have you guys done it? What will I need besides the fan, new pully, and 86/87 rad cover? Where can I get the pully?
You don't need a new pulley. I pulled the studs out of the water pump and bought some allen head bolts to hold the pulley to the water pump more for looks than anything. My fans fit very snugly in the radiator. I made a lower bracket myself that bolts from the bottom of the core support to the bottom of the fans. The top has a tab that will catch under the shroud and as long as the fans are held up high enough by the bottom bracket, it will stay there. I ran a zip tie that's not visible just in case anything failed, it would hold the fans off the engine but haven't had any problems in the last 6 months of use.

I ran the passenger side fan as the primary which comes on with the ignition since there's all that exhaust plumbing on that side and it needs airflow at all times. My secondary is armed when the ignition is turned on and goes to an adjustable thermostat set at 160 degrees. The thermostat is cheap at autozone. Mine is set up so that it has positive at all times and I have a relay for each fan that sends the ground to turn them on. I had to do that because of the way the fans were wired from Ramchargers.
Full Throttle stopped selling the Ramchargers style dual fan is there any other place that sells them or another type of fan we can use?
They're an OEM fan off of a Dodge. Not sure what model, I think I remember hearing Intrepid but not sure. There are members on here that know for sure. You could do a search because I remember this topic before in either the lounge or tech area.
im pretty sure they are off late model 300's, not the new body style but the ones that kinda look like the intrepid ones, also ive read that ls1 camaros/ta fans are a good swap candidate. the complete wiring for the "ram chargers/dodge fans" can be bought at http://casperselectronics.com/
thats where i got mine.