Rancid Smell removal


May 25, 2001
Was wondering if anyone a a tip for getting rid of a horrible smell in my wifes car. Its seems as though one of my children had spilled apple juice onto the cloth back seat and it went un-noticed for awhile. Now it stinks the car up really bad and I had to remove it so we can at least drive the car. Ive tried pouring baking soda on it and letting it sit. Ive tried Frabreeze(SP?). Anyway the seat is Cloth with Foam. If anyone has any tips it would be appriciated. :confused: TIA
IN order to get rid of nasty smells I remove the seat and completely hosed it down with soap and water and let the water soak into the foam. This is the only way to get the stuff out of the foam. I will stand it on end and let it air dry in the sun for a few days and it usually get most/all of the smells out. The juice has soaked into the foam and you need to get it out.

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Call a detail shop

I used to work at a car dealership years ago selling cars. I remember the detail guys using this thing the called a "bomb". It was an airisol can that they took the top off and let it go in the car. The car would have to sit for a couple hours. It had something in it to kill the bacteria.

I would call a detail shop or take it to them and spend the money to fix the problem. This is their area of expertise.