Random run like a Ford


May 24, 2001
My 84 Randomly will start to run rough, die, check engine light on, won't idle, but does start after it dies but you must hold your foot on the gas a bit.

The weird part is, if you shut it totally off (ignition), sit for 10 seconds and restart things are normal again. No CEL even.

It will also hesitate every once in awhile while driving also but doesn't go into the check engine stuff.

Car has been sitting for 4 yrs, enging that is in it for 8 but has been running for about 3 weeks now, and 700 miles.

When it runs good, it will lay some nasty patches, cruise down freeway, runs and drives great otherwise.

I have diacom for my typhoon stuff, but have not been successful yet in getting it to link properly to check things out.

I plan to upgrade to 86/87 ECM in near future anyways.

Does it sound like a wiring issue?
Bad fuel pump?
Dirty injectors?
You should hope that it will run like my Ford - Lightning,
that is, : -)) Heh, heh. But, could be the coil pack and
module, maybe or maybe injectors/fuel issue.
For whatever reason, I am going with MAF. it acts like you unplugged the maf when it dies. And when it starts you have to keep throttle to it or it won't stay running. Unless you have left it sit like Jeff said.

Has anyone used Diacom or Datamaster to datalog these cars? I know that DS and turbolink are the weapons of choice, but Jeff and I already have all the DM and Diacom stuff for SYTY's and were hoping we could get by without investing in more software and equipment.