Random Tech. Cat. Conv.


Daily Driver
Anyone know the overall length of the RandomTechnology cat. # 923007?

That is the one for 3" downpipes.

I emailed them but they say there may be a delay in answering.

Any comments about that cat. would be appreciated. :)

I just hollowed out my cheap one. ;)

Want to try a good one to see if I can leave it on the car even after I pass emissions.

Gained 5 psi. boost with the hollow one. :eek:

Anyone???...... :confused:
I have the latest BGC 3" version of the 923007 Random Tech cat and it's 15-3/4" long end to end. That may be meaningless to you because anyone can spec their own lengths.

I had the same cat from 1996 which started to break up internally last year, I'm told due to water getting on the shell when it was hot. I don't think I picked up more than 1-2 psi boost after I helped it break down the rest of the way ;)

Anyway, the later version seems to solve this problem with a sheet of something wrapped around the honeycomb to isolate it from the shell.

Hope that's the info you needed.

Mike [:-)
Yes that is very good information. :)

A bit long but should fit in my car with the THDP.

I'm leaning toward leaving the hollow one on there now. :D

23psi. on alky. is addicting.