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Feb 21, 2003
I am thinking about getting a pre 50's street rod. I am hoping there a few of you on this board with experience with them. Are there any pitfalls or models I should stay away from, and what advice would you give? I have owned many muscle cars and collectables in my time, but never a rod. I have always admired the 1939-40 Ford Coupe and pickups. Any advice or suggestions would be welcome. I must however, admit that this 1940 Buick on e-bay almost made me swallow my tongue. What a nice car. :smile:

eBay Motors: Buick (item 300144997944 end time Sep-03-07 18:02:00 PDT)
Buick Rod

Here's what you need to build a 38 Buick with a 3.8, what I like about this model Business Coupe is that it's a 2 seater and therefore the rear window is much smaller and it doesn't have that big ugly squared rear end,:frown: has a nicer rear end more like a 40 Ford.;) Think there's enough room for a FMIC:eek::confused:


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Thanks for the replies. I was starting to think noone was reading my post. First time this board has a lack of opinions. I need input from those in the know.
The nice thing with street rods is that most of the problems associated with any particular model has been worked out, as very little of the production car is left. You pretty much just find a body style you like and look for one that was built properly (good welds, good fabrication, all safety equipment there) Pick up a GoodGuys mag, and perhaps a StreetScene and see if you can make it to any big shows before deciding on what you want. Check out Hotrodhotline Roddings Largest Online Magazine. Whatever you decide on, make sure you know what kind of "donor" vehicles may have been used. It takes forever finding parts if you don't know what you've got. Good luck!

Thank You Eric! What do you think I would have to pay for a respectable rod? I mean something that is well put together. Do think 30-40K would do it, or am I dreaming?
I would think that should be enough to buy a nice rod. Like anything, take your time and look for a deal, around 8 years ago, my father bought two rods from the same guy that was getting divorced. Don't know for sure, but both were under $30k.
Thanks for the input. There are certainly many to look at on that site. I have seen a few body styles I like already. Great advice. Thanks.
I would go down to street rod nationals and take a look at all the differant cars . Most are for sale. Buy one already done. its way cheaper . I have changed my mind a hundred times on my 39 chevy. To do that car right I would have a $100,000 in it:eek: Then if I wanted to sell it I might get 40,000 maybe 50,000. It is all about your taste. hopefully someone has the same taste you have .If not your buying a 40,000 car and going to put another 10,000 changing things. I would for sure go to the nationals and take a look around and dont offer any cash. wait till the last day.I have seen guys sell their cars and trailers for what they wanted for the car .Look at that 59 chevy that was in world of wheels. It was said that guy had $1,200,000 in it. That car was on E-BAY FOR $459,000 BUY NOW:eek: .That was a lousy investment.It didnt even win first place.I would have killed myself.SHOP SHOP SHOP.There is alot of nice cars out there. good luck