Razor Alky Kit-Low Fuel Light When Accelarating



Methanol level in tank is about 3/4 Full just about at the "FULL" Line mark of the tank. When accelerating the red Fuel Light comes on.

Could it be the sensor is starting to break?

thx, Virgil
Fill the tank up more. He uses a gm coolant tank and the full line is marked for the coolant not for the alky. If its not filled up pretty good the light will come on when you get on it.
It sloshes around and causes the float to move. Julio may come around and be able to diagnose it better but mine does the same thing and once I fill it up more it will stop. I'd rather have the light come on too early when there is still meth in there vs. later when there is little meth in there. I keep my tank topped off pretty well to keep the light off. Its a bad ass system though isn't it?
The issue is that methanol is 21% lighter than water. It has a specific gravity of .79.

Meaning that things dont like to float in it. It the liquid was molasses, then the float wouldnt have any issues "staying up". So what happens is when the car moves the float "bounces" and the LED blinks. As the LED blinks more aggressively your tank is lower. If your at a stop and the LED is "ON".. then its time to fill. Other wise, disreguard it.

I have a delay circuit I built to condition the signal. What it does is ignores the bouncing float until its down for 5 seconds.. then turns the LED on.. I offered this 2 years ago on the board, and nobody wanted it. They felt a blinking/sloshing LED gave better warning than a all of a sudden its low condition.

Think of it like the fuel guage on the Buick when it gets below a 1/4 tank and it bounces to "Empty" You can guage how much fuel by watching it bounce.. once on "E" and it no longer bounces.. better fill up.

If anyone is "annoyed" by the blinking LED, contact me for the delay circuit. Just dont complain when it gets low and you didnt have warning. ;)

For what its worth, the float used in the tank is designed for washer fluid. Which is X percentage methanol.

Cheers :)