RC Garage/Cruz Gift

Dennis Kirban

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Mar 5, 2009
For those of you reading this that did not get to attend the recent TB/RC event in North Carolina I thought I would share the two custom gifts I had made. I hope Brandon will post the photos after this post for me. Nobody will ever confuse NC as the sunshine state during that Thursday and friday.

I presented Richard Clark with a nice LED lighted sign for his shop. Here is the quotes that are on the sign in case it is not readable.

Turbo Regals are our expertise and passion

We specilaize in fixing the mistakes that other mechanics make

We bring dead Regals back to life.

Official drop off point for homeless dogs and others

DNA testing done every other Wednesday bring your own bottle

Oil leaks identified but not fixed

Class on installing factory jack and spare tire every other Saturday

Creator of the popular Turbo Window Kit.

WANTED: Volunteers to stand in front of Turbo Regals to test powermaster brake systems. Must be quick on your feet.

Below is from Dennis Kirban:

Below is from Dennis Kirban:

"For Don Cruz we made this on acrylic for him it's an awesome shot!"