Real or false knock?


Jun 6, 2007
I guess I will start with what is done to the car. Pump, Hot wire, FP regulator and Shorty intake. I have just finished putting on all new vaccum lines,plugs,wires, and fuel filter. Also I have a manual boost controller. Well I was trying to set my boost which is only about 13 psi. right now but once the car got into 2nd. gear the scanmaster went from 0-12.2 on the knock retard on the SM so I let off. But the 02's were at 800. So basically I'm asking if this is "real" knock. If so what should I be doing to take care of this problem? I have yet to install my 160 thermostat and my RJC powerplate.
Some knock is normal on shifts( especially 2nd gear), just monitor it & make sure it goes back down quickly instead of increasing.
It was a little after the shift but shouldn't it go back down afterwards? But no it wasn't really climbing from what I remember.
when your tunning do your pulls in 3rd. do some roll ons and if you can hold it WOT in third with no knock your good. then if you go out and it does what your saying in second its more then likely false knock right around the shift. i would think its false with the low boost but you will have to post some Scan tool #'s in 3rd for us to tell whats really going on.
i wait for it to shift into 3rd i take it up to about 50 mph and slowly roll into it. it should not down shift if you roll into it slowly.