Rear Bumper Filler Questions


I'm in the middle of painting my 84 t-type and just got the new rear bumper fillers in. I go them from kirban and they are the injection molded plastic ones. thing is, i did a dry fit of the pieces on the back and it seems that they over lap quite a bit. I dont know how they are supposed to meet up in the middle b/c the original ones were completly gone off the car when i got it. If anyone has a pic of their rear fillers and how hey meet up or any tips on fitting them correctly i would appreciate it.
How was the fit on these?

I'm getting ready to buy a set and haven't decided on Gbody...or Kirbans....or...whoever....or.....fiberglass....or ABS.....

I'm looking for something that'll fit without a lot of cussing:mad: and look good.