Rear seal leaking


New Member
May 28, 2001
My rear main seal appears to be leaking, but only when I get on it. Is it possible that the crank case could be bulilding up pressure while under boost and thus causing oil to be pushed out ? And is it possible, should it be bad, to change the thing without yanking the motor ?? I am running 18/19 #'s of boost and have the breather bypass kit on.
Your observation is most likely correct. Most will tell you changing is no big deal, and it's not really. The pan bolts are a bear in a few places. You will most likely need to turn the crank to get the crankshaft balance lobes out of the way to remove the pan. You have to remove the crossover pipe that can sometimes be really tight bolts. Pull the trans inspection cover to help also. Take a small screw and screw it into the top part of the seal then put some pliers on the screw to pull the top of the seal out. Worked good 4 me. Read the whole deal here and should be no trouble, just takes a little time on your back on the floor.