Reasons for pump whine after track visit?


I think, therefore I am??
Hi All,

I'm no TR guru, and transmissions are my weakest point of all, so... HELP! Please?

My WE4 has 60,000 miles and I installed a B&M Trans pack last summer. It shifted great! After my last track visit, it has had very loud pump whine, I mean like I have a 6-71 blower under the hood! I haven't driven it much since, but the tranny feels fine, shifts fine, and the fluid smells fine... but it sounds like crap!

Could I possibly have hurt just the pump? Is that something that I can just lower the tranny and put in myself? Or maybe I did something wrong with the shift kit install and it took some punishment to show up? Any ideas? Thanks,
I had a noise similar to the one you describe when my D5 went out. The car still drove but a noticeable slippage was evident.

If it is the front pump, you can drop the trans and replace yourself with no problems. Good time to install the hardened stator shaft, hardened pump rings, upgrade pump assembly, modified drainback hole, and .50 boost valve.

ps I love my TB that you did for quality work!
If it whines only in "R" & "D" but seems to go away in park & neutral, you may have a bearing going south in the converter.
If it whines all the time in all ranges, you may have pump concerns.
Thanks for the replies! It does only whine in D and R, not in P or N. I have a reworked 12" D5 converter sitting in the garage... guess I'll pop it in (like it's that easy when you're lying on your back under the car!) and see if that's the trouble first. Thanks! Jay
Be careful!

Pull the pan first and inspect the transmission for signs of contamination. Also a good idea to break your filter open and see what's trapped inside.

If you have a fair amount of trash accumulating in there, you don't wan't to cross contaminate your new converter.
Finally got the "new" converter in and voila! No more whine! Thanks for the suggestions, and it sounds like Mike hit it right on the head! Thanks! 'Bout time I got something to go right! :D