Record 105 mph fastball thrown in a major league game

Anyone that can throw over 95 mph is impressive. The article says he threw 25 pitches? He doesn't have control and will not last without it. Greg Maddox one of the best pitchers ever had three pitches "slow, slower and it will get there tomorrow" but he was a master at getting you out with his control, ability to out think you and get in your head.

The velocity list is incomplete. I was at the season opener in KC when the then world campion White Sox brought in Thornton who lit up the scoreboard with 102 mph fast ball and the crowd went nuts. He threw consitantly 100+ mph too. He tore his arm out and now keeps it in the 90's.

In the minors Mark Wholers once threw a ball 108 mph through some equipment that measurs bullet speed but it wasn't officially in a game (he also threw his arm out). He could throw a ball from the centerfield fence all the way into the press box of a major league stadium 400-450 feet?

A general rule:

If you can throw a baseball 200 feet in the air you can throw a 70 mph fastball.

If you can throw a ball 250 feet in the air you can throw an 80 mph fastball.

If you can trhow a ball 300 feet in the air you can throw a 90 mph fastball.

Now go out and tear some tendons!

Chapman's control is not that bad. He's only thrown a few wild pitches so far. He would have had a save yesterday if t wasn't for an error by Rolen at 3rd base in the 9th. The Reds are probably going to put Chapman in the starting rotation next year. I'm all for him being a closer, especially since our closer has had some issues of late. I've seen Chapman in person twice so far. You can hear the snap of the catchers glove way up in the upper deck of the stands:)
Bob Feller

Had a curveball to go with his fastball, won a lot of games, took 4 years off to fight in WWII, and still made it easily into the Hall of Fame.

And didn't blow his arm out either. :smile:
He will learn to tune it down a little bit to get better control... plus that means hitters dont hafta hit it that hard for it to be a home run... his pitches are providing all the energy to put it outta the park!!!! Wait till they get some tapes on em.. he'll sit right back down!!!
You guys need to watch him. He's not all just heat. Chapman has a nasty breaking ball. You will get to see him in the playoffs here in October.
I think JR Richards threw 103 mph. These are relievers and dont throw that fast all the time so their arms will last as long as anyones.
Fastballs don't put anywhere near the wear on a pitchers arm as breaking balls.

You're right but it is not so much the breaking stuff as throwing it wrong or when you are overtired is what does the damage. When a pitcher throws breaking stuff they tend to over emphasize their movement causing the damage more so than a fastball. Throwing when you're tired is like 3X more likey to damage an arm. I am amazed at the error (mostly habit) pros throw with from being taught wrong mechanics and now it is habit.

My son has been pitching for 5-6 years now and has amazing stuff, I have to wear full catchers gear because I can't keep up with all his movement and get hit alot (two broken toes, a broken thumb and cheekbone). Some really great colleges are beginning to circle and call (thank you God). My dad a few years ago bought him a years worth of professional pitcing coaching and I've kept it up. My cousin pitched pro and coached high school baseball for 30 years and works with him too. So my son has had great teachers but his present high school coach who never really did anything in baseball tried to change him and I immediately stepped in and told him hands off my son. You don't want to throw him fine, your just saving his arm but now he has the lowest ERA in the school. Other high school coaches come up to him before a game and ask if he's pitching against them in the game, he just grins.