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jurassic five 7

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I was just curious if anyone is interested in buying any reggae, and other hip hop records and RARE memorbilia (i know not many people are into reggae but hey, im considering selling some to have money for my GN) Everything i own is in great condition, i dont have junk!

The artists i have are the following:

Bob Marley (most of his albums, press kits, 45's)

Peter Tosh (All his records, bootlegs, jamacian imports, press kits, concert programs and much more)

Bunny Wailer (some of his albums, posters)

Jimmy Cliff (only 3 albums)

Third World (almost all their albums except for 3, About three are lower quailty, but they still sound great, the sleeves are just good condition the rest are great!)

Steel Pulse

Jurassic 5-EP (this is hip hop)

(These albums i will sell for cheap cause i dont care much about them)



Michael Jackson


Also, if anyone's interested in a FULLY UPGRADED 1999 WGP Autococker paintball gun. It's VERY nice. I will sell everything i have for paintball fr 250 bucks! This is of top of the line gun, parts, mask, and tank. Everything you'd need to go out and play right away!

Thanks for looking, I know not many people will be interested in this, but i dont really wanna list all these on ebay. Also, if you want photos, prices or anything else, Reply to this or aim me at jurassic five 7.

-Thanks everyone, Adam
What kind of parts are you looking for? I might be inteersted in the gun and maybe some other stuff. let me know, I have a bunch for our cars sitting around....
I'm not looking for parts, sorry. I'm still saving for THE CAR

If you're interested in the gun, i can send you photos, list of parts and whatever you'd like.