Red Armstrong Intercooler


Mike Ruminski
Sep 6, 2004
I have a very hard to find slic intercooler Red made years ago for sale. I would like to get $1200 for it, I paid more than that so I will not sell for any less or I will just keep it. I would prefer for someone to pick up so I don't have to ship it and worry about it getting damaged. If it don't sell locally I would ship but buyer must pay shipping and insurance. It does have a small dent on the bottom of the intercooler. It comes with intake pipe, boost actuated scoop, hoses, clamps, mounting bracket and wiring extension for air temp sensor. I will post pics tomorrow. Thanks, Mike


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Shipping one of these is a major pain. The one I sold suffered damage from the shipping company. Make sure you get plenty of insurance if shipping this.
That is one nice intercooler Mike , whoever gets it I am sure they will like it ..