Reds 93 Chip (New) Reds hot air chip (New)


Aug 18, 2005
I have 2 brand New chips from Red Armstrong. I first bought the hot air chip application for 30# injectors, never installed it, becuase i went with the 87 ECM setup. I then bought reds 93 Chip for 30#injectors, but its application is for intercooled setup. I ne ver used that one either.... i went with TT chip insteas to meet my needs. anyways

REDS 93 Chip $53.00 Shipped
REDS 93 (Hot Air Chip) $53.00 shipped.

Paypal accepted....
ok, let me make this more clear....FOR SALE

REDS 93 CHIP (86/87) #30 Injectors (NEW).....$53.00

REDS 93 CHIP (Hot Air) 84/85 #30 Injectors (NEW) 53.00

PAYPAL accepted