Regal GS awd?


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Have a friend down the street that is telling me the new regals can be had with awd. Wouldn't this make them comparable to the subbies and evos? I know the buick doesn't make 300hp but 270hp is close. Seems to me at this car could be a nice tuner car now that it has awd. Would like to see one launch under boost.
Yah the same guy told me that gm bought back all the licensing rights for the Gnx and grand national names. We shall see.
From what I understand this is an active AWD system. Meaning that torque will be ported to the front wheels when needed and that if you want to you can put it in sport mode and at most you get 90/10 power split.
I think I'd sell my '14 VW Passat TDi and pick up a GS as a DD, if you could get AWD and a manual. My DD's have to have two of diesel, AWD, and a manual. Not many choices...
let's hope if Buick does come out with GNX or GN,they stayed true to the roots. And keep it fast as hell! And make it look badass!!