Remote Oil Filter Lines


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One of the rubber lines for my remote oil filter looks like it got damaged. It's very slowly leaking, but I'd like to fix it before I drive around in case it lets go.

Does anyone know the correct size hose to use? Any tips on how to take off the old one and install a new one?

They aren’t braided hoses? Mine are braided lines with -12 an fittings on them. Any hydraulic line store can make you lines. I got mine for like 10$ a piece.

Here's a picture of the damage to the hose. I'm going to try cleaning it thoroughly then wrapping it with some strong tape & zip ties, until I get the new hose.
Also, the writing on the hose says "Parker 7520-10 WP 1,4 MPa (200 psi) MSHA" and "16 mm (5/8) x 1F 0./16/10". I tried to get a few pictures but they didn't come out well.
I’d recommend braided lines. Just change the fittings in the filter head and the adapter on the block. Super durable. Here’s mine