Original Fuel Evap Canister filter question?


Aug 23, 2008
Mine Is not connected anymore. But I'm thinking connecting it back, maybe I heard under the car(drivers side) some how.
So it doesnt smell like gas.. Anyways, I think I can get the filter but looking at the original evap cannister, I dont get it, how does the new filter go in(install). Everything looks sealed in plastic? Do got to cut it & glue it back?. If somebody can help, thank-you.
It doesnt feel this comes apart. I think you have to buy a new cannister with a new filter in it?


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You just have to get the new canister filter & install it in the bottom cavity of the canister.

It’s flat & maybe like an 1/8” thick. Got mine off of The Zon.
oh ok, I see what your saying. The filter just stays snug in the bottom there. thank-you. Another question, the bottom of the cannister without the filter, does it need to be cleaned with carb cleaner?
And does anybody make a bracket to bolt under the driverside to mount the canister?
If you’d rather not do the canister, you can always just put a filter on the end of the vent line.
There's a moron up in Canada that relocated his with an ATR unit...which you prolly won't find:

I found it (fuel safe systems), they sell those kind of k&N filters that just goes on the end of fuel vent line
Here's a good one for the gas tank vent (fuelsafe.com). In the menu/Go to motorsports area/ then fuel delivery/filters. Seems like the exact same thing that i need for the vent from the gas tank so it doesnt smell like gas when I start it without using the canister. They got different sizes with push or clamp on gas filters. Looks alright, might work