Removing and replacing the 200-4R (DETAILED PICS)

Nice write up, Clint.

One other thing you want to do when you disconnect the TV cable at the throttle body is remove the trans. dip stick. :)
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If originality isn't important, I found socket cap screws for the bellhousing a small, but nice change - I like that they "stick" to the bit better than conventional bolts.
This is a great write-up, the biggest thing I'm learning is patience and taking my time. I don't have anyone to help me so it is a little more challenging.

One big plus, my engine has already been pulled from the car.
Well after bowling green took its toll on the stock trans in my dad's car we we able to pick up a Stage 1 Janis to put in its place. I tried as best I could to document the removal and installation for those that have contemplated removing and replacing their trans but wasn't quite sure the job that may be ahead for them. With that said my dad and I went to Richard Clark to have him help show us how to remove and re-install so we had access to lifts and all the tools that we would ever need to complete the job...

Here is our journey:

The first thing that we made sure was to unhook the TV cable from the throttle body to be sure the pressure on the line was off. Also while there go ahead and remove the trans dip stick. The messy part will be draining the trans fluid since GM never installed a drain plug.
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Also since the car is in the air make sure to put the shifter in neutral in order to be able to rotate the drive shaft to be able to get to the bolts. Take the 2 straps loose (7/16 wrench) and you may have to use a pry bar or large screwdriver to pry the drive shaft forward towards the trans to be able to remove the drive shaft:
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At this point you may have some clearance issues with getting the drive shaft down past the exhaust. The car has a Pypes exhaust system on it so it was fairly easy to remove the drive shaft.
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Once you have the drive shaft out of the way then we started to remove some of the things under the driver side starting with the shifter cable as well as unhooking the linkage that goes up to the steering column. Make sure to unplug the connector and also be careful to take the wiring that is attached to the trans with the clip that keeps the wiring in place.
View attachment 240065 View attachment 240066

Also carefully remove the speed cable. In this instance we have to correct tool to remove the cable. You can use a pair of pliers however it will be more difficult, also be sure to remove the sleeve that protects the speedo cable from kinks.
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This piece will help not to damage the speedo cable to make for a clean removal without marring the threads.
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The next step is to remove the 2 trans cooler lines. This is best accomplished with the correct flare nut wrenches (1/2).
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The top line is a bit more difficult to get to so just take the time not to round off the nuts.
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Now of course the will leak fluid so if you have a way to keep them from leaking you would want to put this in place to save a mess on the ground.
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Any idea why we cant see pics anylonger here in November 2021?
Pulling and reinstalling a trans isn't rocket science. I've done at least 25-30 of em on my back in the driveway over the yrs.
Pulling and reinstalling a trans isn't rocket science. I've done at least 25-30 of em on my back in the driveway over the yrs.
You just took me back when I was a kid and my dad was explaining what to expect when I was about to (or not) loose my virginty with Theresa. Yea, I stilled messed that up. lol
You just took me back when I was a kid and my dad was explaining what to expect when I was about to (or not) loose my virginty with Theresa. Yea, I stilled messed that up. lol
I’m taking mine out this week. I would like to have these pictures too. I’ll try my best to get some photos to help future owners.
There are the grounds on the bell housing unless someone didn't put them back, the dipstick tube, shift linkage, tv cable, speedo cable, bell housing bolts and the crossmemeber and mount, and driveshaft. I have a 3' extension and universal I use to get the bell housing bolts from below. When you have the trans our take a bfh and fold the pinch weld over for the next time it comes out. Be sure you have the wheel chocked or parking brake set when removing the ds so the car doesn't roll.
I'll be doing this myself in the near future. How high does the car need to be elevated to pull the trans out from underneath it?
Depends on how tall your jack is really. I usually drive the front up on ramps, then jack up each side individually and turn each ramp around to give me more room to work then jack the back up to put it on stands . Once I have the trans loose and down slide it off the jack and slip it out. Then the opposite putting it back. Gotta get fluid out or it will come out any open orfices when tilted(tail shaft, tv cable hole, dipstick hole. )
I usually have some card board down as I'm a slob and get stuff everywhere other wise. Also handy to put the teanspan on to slide it in and out and not scrape the pan all up.
My car buddies laugh as I have many names for the many tools and such that came handed down from my dad and uncles. I'd elaborate but this isn't my thread and I'd hate to get it off subject. I hand out my humor as much as I can and hope my son is able to cherish the memories of those names as I have over the years.
I love working on things and try to make it as enjoyable as possible even when things don't go as planned. I've found there isn't much that can't be fixed or even replaced with some time and money. But they are only original once. But a guy can't let that slow him down.
Not in any particular order...