Replacement starter motor


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May 25, 2001
My starter motor engages and disengages while cranking and grinds also. I took the starter out and man is that heavy. I am getting older but still. So if I want to replace it with something lighter that is plug and play what should I look for. Plus I don't want the flex plate teeth to get any more chewed up than they are, just on the inside edge. Thanks for the help.
You can get the mini starter from Gbody parts,GN1 performance or Kirbans $125 dollars that’s what I have.
I’m in the market too. Got gas on a busy Saturday and suddenly wouldn’t turn over. Went under and banged it and it started. Been ok since but don’t want to risk leaving it somewhere.
It looks good earl has them on EBay for $125 shipped.If I needed one now that’s where I’d go.
So what is his website? Is it a plug and plug with no wire change or clearancing things? Thanks
I've had issues with g-body parts, and no longer use them.
I have a Powermaster on mine and I love it. It really spins mine over quick, and it is "clockable" 360 degrees, to help clearance to a big downpipe or crossover.
Sent pops the link for the earl brown. He said he was gonna pick one up. Generally not big on “upgraded” parts but hopefully goes through with it.
Is the earlbrown starter much lighter than the stock one?
It’s a good bit lighter than the stock starter. Maybe around 7ish pounds(give or take). I wanna say the stock starter is around 20ish pounds.
What is the powermaster one? I just want to check it out. Thanks
Powermaster might be the same one, it's up to you to do the homework on. We've told you Earl's works, and fits right. If you want to go a different route, and save 10 bucks, do it.
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The Buick uses a stock Chevy starter!
From a 4.3 V-6, to a 454!
I think you should get one like the Powermaster, because it is totally "clockable" you can put the solenoid anywhere, all 360 degrees!
With my T/A race headers and 3" downpipe, I had to try the clocking in 4 different positions to find one that worked. Some of the chairman Mao types only "clock" in several positions, and some have 8 positions. The powemaster, you leave the clamping screws loose, put the solenoid where it needs to be, and clamp it down.
And like I said, they sell the same part # starter for up to 454 engines, and I had one on the 11.0 comp, 598 Merlin in my boat!
I can't see ever wearing it out, it prolly would outlast quite a few V-6s!
And by now, ya all probably know my motto:
Is some is good,
more is better,
and too much prolly ain't enough!
If I have to shim the starter to adjust it where can I get shims anymore?

WE2REGAL, are you saying you are using a forklift starter and it was cheaper? Thanks
Yep. That same starter is sold for the Buick V6 under a different part number. If you look at pictures most of the starters Buick venders are selling, they look the same.