Replacing Battery - Any suggestions


Ok, I know I can go to AutoZone or Walmart and pick one up, but are there major differences between one vs. the other?
I try to find a battery thats sealed so the acid doesn't spill out and corrode stuff..AC delco makes one..Sealed meaning it doesn't have the caps you can pop off and add water...
As much as I think Sears is a horsesh-t store... I have always had very good luck with the Die Hard battery. The one in my WE4 is 5 years old (and I've killed it a couple times leaving the fan or lights on with the engine off) and the one in my GSX is almost 10 years old. Just don't let anyone you know see you going in a Sears store to avoid embarrasment :)
i like my optima red top. alot of people dont like them but its been a very good battery so far.