Request basic info on alcohol kits


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May 24, 2001
Do you mount a separate tank under the hood to hold the alcohol?

How is it injected? A WOT switch? Or a button in the cockpit? At a certain boost level? Or some other method?

Where is it injected? Into the upper plenum? Into the intake manifold ports?

How many runs can you get in on the typical setup?

What different ready-to-install kits are available? Which is the most popular? What are the typical costs?

Where do you buy the alcohol? How much is it?

How hard are they to install?
There is a sepereate tank, with a pump inside. The pump is activated via boost sensing switch (adjustable for the turn on point) The switch sends voltage to the pump, when your boost reaches a pre-determined level. The alchy is pumped to a nozzle that is affixed to the up pipe, about 10 inches from the mouth of the plenum. Very easy to hook up ( the smc kit also features pump speed). Figure 3 runs (you may get more) per tankfull, cost = 75 cents per run.

The alchy, you can buy at a drug store (Isoprophyl)

Smc kits are $301, when you catch a group purchase.

There is more here...
That's good info.

What about water? Can you put water into that tank and injected it with similar results?

Or do you need a completely different kit for water?

You can mix water with the alky and supposedly get better results. The most water you want to mix would be 50/50 water/alky. I've been running 100% pure denatured alky.