restalled d5, hot air turbo, 237 CHEAP


Well I still have this stuff for sale and it's been collecting dust for too long. Restalled D5=$20+shipping (had this thing forever but I remember the mileage being under 9k)
Stock hot air turbo w/elbow and wastegate (non adjustable) and rebuilt a couple thousand ago. Good shaft play=$50+shipping
237 regulator=$5+shipping
tt/ameasap was the first to contact me about the converter (p/m) then camaro75, then GNAsuka. So I'll go that order.

Got another pm about the turbo (69charger383) first and then my85grandnation is 2nd in line.

I will get shipping quotes for all interested though in case any of the deals/buyers fall through. Thanks for interest!

I am going to pass...I would want someone to get good use out of it because I am eventually going back to stock , but dont need it now.

Thanks and sorry!

All right, you heard the man. It's back up for grabs! Whoever is interested let me know! And the turbo has a sale pending.
I'll try to get to fed ex tomorrow but might be monday. I was in an accident today and unfortunitly don't have a car right now :frown: Unless do they have a website that can give you the estimates on shipping if you enter weight/size and zip? I would search it myself but my computer is sooooooooo crappy it takes like 10 days to do that lol!
Well I was just on the fed ex site and shipping is virtually the same. If you think I'm making it up here's the link: HERE If it doesn't show up you can feel free to enter the info yourself. The box is 42lbs, 17L, 12.5W, 6.5H. And my zip is 18017. When it was $15 how far did you ship it :confused: