Results with a weber stroker short block?


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Hi guys

I might be interested in buying a weber stroker short block with center billet main caps and would like to know how fast have you guys run with this block and how reliable is it?


T-Top 86 Grand Nationals (63000km) 109 block with weisco forged pistons and 2 billet center main caps, M&A aluminum heads, roller rockers, port match lower intake ,te63 a.r .82, erson 214/214 cam, razor alky injection, 94 octane, hooker cat back with dyno max ultra flow muffers, kenne bell headers, 60 lbs injectors, extender alky chip with 21/19 timing, with a gen 2 with a LS1 maf,thdp, mease 24 row IC, PTC 3200 stall 9 1/2 convertor, Ron Custom max boost brake module, MT drag radials (275/60/15) , rjc power plate, rjc boost controller, zeitronix wideband, HR motor mounts, Weld Drag Lites with skinnies up front, electric exhaust, hr rear sway bar, no front sway bar, 90/10 lakewood in the front and 50/50 lakewood shocks in the rear with energy suspension poly bushings all over, boxed rear lower control arms, Big mouth cold air with an AFE air filter

BEST E/T= Exhaust closed
60FT=1.48 (foot brake on 4 lbs of boost)
1/8= 6.65 at 100 mph
1/4= 10.83
MPH=105.2 (letting off the gas, car was running to lean, double pumper for next year)
Hey Evil,

I don't have any run time on mine yet, but the guys over at Weber told me I was good up to about 10.50's or a little faster w/caps on a good tune. If you put a girdle on it you are good into the 9's. Some will say you can take the billet caps into the 9's too, but I hear thats really pushing it. You won't regret doing buisness with those guys.:cool:

no track times here either but i can tell you my car is set for 15 psi boost now and its faster than my old motor at 25. the tires break loose at 45 mph punching it from 3rd. some say they didnt gain anything but i beg to differ. what weber told me was 1.5 hp and 2.5 tq per cu. in. so 20 cu in. would net 30 hp and 50 ft pds on a minimum setup also a huge gain in spool up which will aid in having a smaller stall speed. so if your are building a roller setup and good heads you would gain more than 30 and 50