Reveltronics EGT-K Thermocouple Amplifier 2CH


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Jun 25, 2001
Reveltronics EGT-K 2CH K-type thermocouple Amplifier. brand new in the box
Takes 2 K-type thermocouples and converts the signal to 0-5V so you can log EGT's on the power logger.
$80. That includes free priority shipping to anywhere in the continental US.
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I use one of those. It works well.
I already have a 2 channel, or it would be mine!
Stick a probe right below the turbo flange.
If the probes are 1/8" npt, and someone buys this, I'll send them a couple of my cnc machined bungs.. FREE!
Their missing out on a nice addition to tuning. It can be used with Powerlogger too.