PLX DEVICES R-500 Wideband/Datalogger/multi-function tuning tool


Oct 20, 2007
Brand new in box. Sells for over $600. Fuel Management - PLX R500 Wideband Sensor (Data log) Asking $450 shipped

Typical Applications:

1. Analyze fuel maps
2. Analyze timing maps
3. Advanced engine health monitoring
4. 6 Fully customizable gauges
5. 90 Minutes data logging
6. Real-time dyno
7. Stand alone engine management system interface
8. Piggyback fuel system interface
9. Interface with data loggers
10. Stock narrowband sensor replacement

Key Features:

* Measures Air/Fuel Ratio, EGT (when the optional EGT Probe is used), Knock, and Boost
* Integrated 6 Inputs for data logging (2 Speed, 4 Analog) - Log virtually anything including RPM.
* 90 minutes of onboard memory for recording and PC download
* Integrated "Real-time dyno." Measure your HP, TQ without expensive trips to the dyno
* Built-in amplifier for audible knock output to speakers or headphones
* 4 analog outputs (User configurable) for 3rd party interface
* Replace your stock Narrowband sensor.
* Fully customizable LED warning light or shift light
* High speed USB 2.0 interface
* Powerful 32 bit integrated processor, RAM, and FLASH technologies
* 100% backwards compatible with M-Series controllers
* Compact dash mountable design (4.75 x 2.25 x 1 inch)
* Sensor soft start circuitry, prolongs o2 sensor life
* Powerful PC analysis software included (PLX Logger Version 2.1+ Free Download)
* Field firmware upgradeable (more features added to R-500 regularly)


1. R-500 dash mountable compact wideband controller.
2. Bosch LSU 4.2 Wideband O2 Sensor.
3. 3ft Bosch O2 Sensor Harness (Controller side).
4. 8ft Bosch O2 Sensor Harness (O2 sensor side)
5. 3ft Main Harness (controller side).
6. 4ft Main Harness (user side).
7. 4ft Main Harness Power Wires (user side).
8. 3ft K-Type thermal coupler wire (EGT probe sold separately).
9. USB interface cable (R-500 -> PC connectivity).
10. PLX parallel port firmware reflash card.
11. Comprehensive operating manual.
12. CD with USB device driver, operating manual in PDF, Latest version of PLX Logger Ver2.1+

Designed for the advanced tuner, the R-500 combines 3 essential parameters (Air/Fuel, EGT, Knock) of internal combustion engine tuning into one! Whether you're on the dyno, track, autocross, street or drag strip, the R-500 can be fully customized to suite your individual application. With intuitive user menus packed with features, merged with powerful PC software, there is virtually nothing that the R-500 can't do.

External Sensors:

R-500 is capable of connecting to 3 external sensors. 1) Wideband oxygen sensor (Bosch or NTK) for accurate air/fuel ratio measurements. 2) K-Type thermal coupler for exhaust gas temperature measurements. 3) Knock sensor for knock volts and audible knock detection. This gives you the capability of actually "listening" to your knock sensor with headphones to detect ping, or signs of premature detonation.

Data Logger Inputs:

The R-500 features a built-in 6 input (2 speed, 4 analog) data logger with 90 minutes of on board memory. The 2 speed inputs can be connected to any signal which gives a pulse (Freq Range: 0Hz-10KHz) and the 4 analog inputs can be connected to any signal which gives a voltage between 0-5V. Analog voltages between 5V-25V will be capped at 5V and will not damage the data logger. This gives the user absolute freedom to interface with various signals to and from your ECU.

The following are examples of signals that can be logged by the R-500:
Vehicle Speed (MPH/Kmh) (speed signal)
Ignition Pulse (RPM) (speed signal)
Shaft Speed Sensors (speed signal)
Injector Duty Cycle (speed signal)
Throttle Position (TPS) (analog signal)
MAP (analog signal)
Mass Air Flow Sensor (analog signal)
Brake Signal (analog signal)
Air Intake Temp (AIT) (analog signal)
Engine Coolant Temp (ECT) (analog signal)
Exhaust Gas Temp (EGT) (analog signal)
PLX Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio (analog signal)
Knock Sensor (analog signal)
PLX G Sensor (analog signal)

Visit the PLX Devices ECU Pinout Database (click here) for specific vehicle support in locating these signals for your vehicle.

Data Logger Onboard Memory/Real-time Streaming:

The R-500 can store 90 minutes of data, 6 simultaneous channels and up to 99 individual sessions. Logged data can be uploaded to a PC via high speed USB Port for further analysis with the included powerful PLX Logger software. Serial data can also be streamed via USB port for real-time PC monitoring and recording (same as M-500). Sampling rate is 10Hz for 6 simultaneous channels.
PLX Devices R500 Real-Time Streamimg

Wideband Controller Technology:

The R-500 employs the same race-proven wideband controller technologies as our popular M-Series product line. PLX widebands utilize the latest digital PID and DSP technologies to maximize O2 sensor reaction time and accuracy without compromising overshoot, and slow settling response time. Accurate to 0.1 AFR, this technology is coupled with advanced self sensor calibration circuitry and sensor soft start to both prolong the life of your oxygen sensor as well as eliminate any user intervention for manual sensor calibration. Sensor calibration is NOT required; simply “Plug and Play.”

The R-500 can be fully customized to select the specific fuel setting for your application. Fuels with lead are compatible with the Bosch and NTK sensors.

1. Lambda 1.0
2. Gasoline 14.7
3. Diesel 14.6
4. Methanol 6.4
5. Ethanol 9.0
6. LPG 15.5
7. CNG 17.2

Fully Customizable Wideband Output:

In addition to the linear 0-5V (M-Series) analog output, and 0-1V narrowband analog output, the R-500 has an extra output which is fully customizable. You will be able to customize how your output voltage corresponds with the measured air/fuel ratio (lambda) to fit and integrate with any application you wish. This procedure can be done on the R-500 unit and does not require a PC. All R-Series analog outputs can be used simultaneously.

Engine Knock Noise Calibration:

The R-500 implements an advanced knock detection algorithm. Your engine's background knock noise can be normalized with respect to your RPM. Since all vehicles exhibit different noise characteristics, the R-500 can be setup to neutralize your engine's background noise. The R-500 is capable of displaying raw knock volts or normalized knock volts giving you a very power tool for maximizing your engine's timing.

Advanced PC Software Analysis:

The included PC software is both versatile and powerful. Data can be recorded in real-time on the PC or linked with the R-500 to download prerecorded data. PLX Logger (free download) comes with the following key features:
1. Fully Customizable/Real-time Gauges - Software can be fully customized to display any gauge you wish. The user has the freedom of setting ranges, labels, colors and even background wallpaper! Gauge needles will move in real-time when interfaced with the R-500. click to view
2. 2D Logger - Up to 6 simultaneous input channels can be plotted against time. The user can navigate the 2D logger with cursors, zooming and panning. click to view
3. 3D Logger - Data points can be plotted against 2 other input channels of your choice. RPM, Engine Load and AFR can be plotted in 3D to determine your fuel map characteristics. click to view
4. 3D Rendering - Data from 3D Logger can be rendered giving you a beautiful graphical representation of your 3D Logger table values. click to view

Programmable Warning Light:

Protect your engine from damage with the fully programmable warning light. The R-500 warning LED can be fully customized to activate based on a 1 or 2 variable comparison. For example, you may choose to set the warning light to activate if your throttle position exceeds 50% and your AFR rises above 13.9. You may also setup the warning light as a shift light utilizing a 1 variable comparison.

USB Interface:

PLX Devices USB InterfaceConnecting the R-500 to your PC is made easy with an integrated USB 2.0 port. Windows will automatically detect the R-500 as a device each time it is connected to your USB port. Data logged sessions can be downloaded at blazing speeds and analyzed in the pits or comfortably at your home computer.

The R-500 is designed to be extremely portable. Removal to and from your vehicle is made easy and can be done in just a matter of seconds.

M-Series 100% Compatibility:

The R-500 is 100% compatible with all M-Series wideband controller models. All R-Series widebands have outputs for M-Series WB Linear output (0-5V) and M-Series NB output (0-1V) analog signals. The R-Series and M-Series o2 sensor harness are also identical. No rerouting of your existing M-Series o2 sensor harness is required for R-Series connectivity. M-Series o2 sensor harness will plug directly into the R-Series harness. M-Series 52mm gauge is also compatible with R-Series.

R-Series Firmware Reflash Capability:

The R-500 consists of the latest 32 bit microprocessor technologies and has a tremendous amount of processing power. New firmware upgrades with additional features will routinely be available. Every R-Series controller comes with a firmware reflash card. Simply connect one end of the card to the R-Series controller and the other end to your computer's parallel port. Upload the new firmware, reboot and your R-Series wideband controller will be instantaneously better than before.
Integrated "Real-time dyno." Measure your HP, TQ without expensive trips to the dyno.

Wideband, knock, EGT, boost, data logging and more!
wheels,tires,36 lb injectors w/chip,drysump system,ssm lca s,stock 40K intercooler w/shroud, 83 lb injectors, other stuff that i cant think of now.
Sounds like some good stuff but I'm a bit limited on what I can use since I have a hybrid. Do you have a throttle body? I'll check on what else I need. Thanks.
No body but I did come across 3 computer chips -a 65and a 72 extender chips, and a 85 TT E-85 chip.